Update on The Pad SLO

Well, we had our "grand opening" party which turned into more of our preview party. But that's okay. We had awesome vendors, high psych, Headstrong brought the party with an obstacle course, bounce house and BBQ. We had wine and beer and cider, oh my! And Paleo treats!

But moreover, we had joy and we had psych. Nonmembers came and their jaws dropped. Members came and they salivated with glee. Investors and loaners and even past SLO Opers drove just to attend.

We felt the love guys. We hope, if you attended, you did too.

We now finally have an update: the new gym should be open on or before December 15th. We anticipate SLO Op being shut down for about a week before the new gym opens, but when it does, oh ho . . . are you guys in for a treat.

Many thanks to the amazing Kaori photo for the shots!

111217 FITSLO 0 39-X3.jpg