SLO Op will be closing --> Get ready for The Pad SLO

Okay, we have a firm date: kinda.

SLO Op will close its climbing doors on Dec 1ish.

We need to extract the foam and move it to the new location, so depending on how the process goes, weights and climbing will be limited but not necessarily totally done by then.

Yoga will continue until the new gym is open. Also, please remember that it's a good excuse to go enjoy our Santa Maria location. We will also be administering belay and lead tests to MEMBERS ONLY during the closure. More details to follow.

Get ready for sweet new routes!

New membership rates will go up on Dec 1, but all current members will not see their memberships go up until after we open the gym. 

Get stoked!! And remember - we have gift certificates for the holidays! Buy them now and save on the increase!