The Pad SLO is OPEN

We all worked really hard to push to get this thing done, and we are now open for business!

The 24/7 membership perk is on hold while we wait for some final things (some fire safety stuff, etc), and our second set of bathrooms and showers need work, but everything else is ready for you!

Over the next few months it will continue to get better and better!

Things to know:

  • We are printing up belay cards as soon as we can. We expect a massive rush so be patient. :) 
  • Our hours are 11 am - 10 pm, so the 24/7 access thing shouldn't be a big deal
  • YES your old cards work. It's maaaaaaaaaagic.
  • We have wireless. The code is "thepadtemp"
  • Shoe rental is still totally free
  • We're still working on ramping everything up, our classes that are scheduled can be found here.
  • We want to see your psych!! #imapaddie

Questions? Email!

It's a slideshow! Click to see the photos!