Looking for info on the comp this weekend?

Our next comp is Feb 11 at <The Pad> - Click to register online and save $$


The best way to harness your psych!

It's our annual spring event! We have two comps in one: CCS for the collegiate climbers and Open Citizens for everyone else.

Why compete? For most people, climbing is not inherently a competitive thing. While there is a format that allows us to quantify skill, the real value in climbing comps is the level of support you get from your peers, the extra “push” you get in trying to do your best that day on all-new routes you’ve never climbed before, and the big ol’ party that celebrates what you love!

We will have finals and a children's division!

SLO Op comps feature:

  • cheap entry that covers guest setters, free beer, and refreshments for the setters who work three solid days to get ready for this thing
  • new shirt designs
  • prizes like chalkbags, ropes, shoes, and stickers
  • free beer
  • food available from neighboring vendors
  • dj or emcee keeping the energy up the whole time
  • And don’t forget the extras, like our famous ALPINE KNOT TYING CONTEST!

We'll also be doing a gear swap! Bring your gear with a price and we'll sell it for you! (10% will go to SLO Op, checks made at the end of the comp, unclaimed gear is considered a donation)

If you’re not from here, we suggest you check out all the awesome stuff there is to do in SLO: we’ve got beaches, wine tasting, great food and bars, and climbing *in town!*


  • CCS is for college students participating in a statewide competition. Everyone else registers for the citzen class.
  • Be courteous of others (obviously). Be aware of your surroundings at all times and do not climb if it is unsafe for you or others around you.
  • How to compete:
    • Points are earned by completing a problem from start to finish with a controlled final hold.
    • Record each attempt made (every time your feet leave the mats).
    • All natural features are "off" unless otherwise noted.
    • If a hold breaks or spins, step off immediately or the attempt will count - contact a staff member for a fix.
    • Please have 2 witnesses initial your score card to verify falls and completion.
    • Final score is the sum of your 5 highest point problems with a 10 point deduction per fall.
    • If you think you are doing well, save some energy for finals - about an hour after the general competitions close. We do top CCS AND top Citizens' Comp
  • Do not sandbag - if you climb below your ability and then do a three or more hard climbs for points, we will bump you into the next category. 
    • Categories are:
      • CCS (no gender or skill division)
      • Beginner (V0-V2), men's and women's
      • Intermediate (V3-V4), men's and women's
      • Advanced (V5-V6), men's and women's
      • Open (V7+), men's and women's
      • Youth (14 and under)
  • Falls count, but don't make or break you. Climb accordingly.
  • You will have four hours to climb your heart out. Turn your scoresheet in at the front of the gym. After we will have food for sale, beer for donation, and games. Enjoy!