Update on new construction in SLO!

It's been a while since we put anything out, so I thought it might be a good idea to do so!

SLO Op IV, aka, The Pad for-profit, is on track for opening this fall!

  • We've secured our new location (888 Ricardo Court in SLO)
  • We've gotten city permits to raise the roof to 35' in the roped climbing area
  • We're done with architectural permitting and through the first round of plan checks
  • We've completed the wall design and look forward to having Walltopia install the walls in the fall
  • We've hired Precision Building Group to execute our tenant improvements; this is especially exciting because they happen to be long time SLO Opers, and they are in support of hiring local contractors who are also SLO Opers for work to keep the tradition of SLO Opers building SLO OP - so you know construction will be great and this huge part of it will be done with love for what we're doing.
  • Founding of new for-profit S Corp, "The Pad."
  • We've completed our investment funding rounds, and formed a corporate board of SLO Op/Pad lovers and supporters
  • We're finishing up the new business plan and starting to thinking about the hiring process
  • We've hired our former assistant setter, Joe Maier, as our full time head setter 

Final steps :

  • Securing bank funding for the rest of the money needed for tenant improvements (our bank was bought out and we're working with a new one)
  • Hiring (do not send resumes, please - we will put the call out when it's time)
  • Physical building once we begin the lease on June 1! We will be constructing concurrently while the old gym stays open - it will close down (with ample warning) RIGHT before grand opening so we can take over needed equipment, etc.
  • Closing current SLO Op location a couple weeks before hand to take parts out and start deconstruction of the gym

We'll keep updating you as more comes along!

Hoping for a late September opening date, but we'll see - construction is a process!

Questions? Email kristin@slo-opclimbing.org