Confidence seminars - this is your space: Own it!

Next seminars:

  • SLO Op: Thursday, September 7 7-9 pm in the yoga room 
  • The Pad: Tuesday, August 29 7-9 pm in the yoga room

(bring something to sit on if you aren't comfortable on the floor)

Who: Anyone who would like to learn the protocols and tools to make you confident to enter a space alone, whether it is at a party, a gym, or a quiet street.

What: A two hour seminar and safe place designed to build confident ability to address the concerns of potential violence, judgement, or harassment and to navigate those concerns safely and effectively – allowing self-consciousness and fear to fall away in uncomfortable situations. Taught by the female leadership of SLO Op and The Pad climbing.

Why:  We want women, children, teens, and minorities to be able to climb a route without the need of emotional support of friends, work out in our weight room without supervision, and get home safely from troubling situations outside of our organization.

When: Quarterly at each location

How: Entry is free, just show up.