We want your SLO Op Story!

Gosh, as I write this, I can't help but get sappy - it's been 12 years since the start of this whole thing in a little unit at Alamo Self Storage. I can't help but shake my head that the magnitude of changes we've seen in the gym, in ourselves, and in the scope of what is possible.

And none of it happened because of one person. 

So that's where you come in. SLO Op has over 24,000 people who've been through our doors since we started using MINDBODY, and we know there's probably 1000s more before that. 

We know that our little community hasn't affected EVERYONE the same way it has us, but we know a lot of you have a story to tell or a photo to share. 

We want them. We want to compile them and share them and make SLO Op live on forever.

Because when SLO Op, the country's first non-profit bouldering gym, closes its doors to open The Pad Climbing, we've got a history to preserve and honor.

Join us.

Upload your stories, photos and videos here.

Don't want to upload - just tag us @SLOOpClimbin or #imapaddie and we'll find it!