Update on The Pad

I started writing a blog post, but I decided that I wanted this to be more personal. So I made a video. The too long, didn't read highlights are below.


In general: man, this was a hard project.

I am really sorry that we haven't been more communicative but it's been like herding cats.

Please don't bring an entitled attitude with you to the gym. We're still operating like SLO Op - avoid the douchebaggery. All of us are equally cool. Have feedback? Don't be negative, give us constructive, supportive ideas and we're open.

SLO update:

- Thanks for your patience while we figure out policies and staff training

- 24/7 is on hold until the city gives final approval. But unfortunately, they have not been able to get us permits for construction in a normal timeline, which is why nothing has been happening. Hopefully it should start up next week.

Santa Maria update:

- We love you. We're sorry we haven't been paying attention to you lately.

- MOre events and love coming

Email kristin@thepadclimbing.org if you have any comments, questions, or feedback