Level up for less: Intro to Climbing is 20% off!

Don't know where to start? Stuck in the same spot? Take Intro to Climbing! Now 20% off! A climber scales a colorful bouldering wall.

In all our Pad gyms, we truly believe that anyone of any ability can climb if they want to, but real talk: climbing can be super intimidating when you’re first starting out! The idea of falling willingly from 16+ feet is wild. And all this climbing lingo can be super confusing. Sloper? Crimp? Jug? Dyno? Like a T-Rex?

The Intro to Climbing Class is such a great place to get more comfortable in our gyms. You’ll learn all the climbing lingo, tips and tricks on how to approach different types of routes in the gym, and gain confidence in the skills you already have (but maybe didn’t realize you did!). You’ll be in a class with climbers with the exact same goals you have. If you didn’t have a bunch of climbing friends before, now you have a whole class worth. PLUS it’s scheduled during a time where there’s next to no one else in the gym so you’re not fighting for space or climbing next to Adam Ondra.

Right now the class is 20% off and you can book right on our website. Let’s climb together!

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