Belay off, fireworks on! We’re closed for the 4th

Closed to non members on Thursday, July 4. Happy Independence Day! 24/7 access still available for non-members.

For the 4th of July, we’re trading our climbing holds for hot dogs and harnesses for hamburgers! All of our gym locations (San Luis Obispo, Henderson, and Santa Barbara BoardRoom) will be closed for Independence Day! We’re giving our walls a break and our staff a chance to enjoy some fireworks and family time.

Are you one of our awesome 24/7 access members? Then you still have the freedom to climb anytime you want. Take advantage of that all-access pass, show those routes who’s boss, and maybe even flex a patriotic pull-up or two!

Not a member? You’re missing out. Pro tip: you can even choose your own membership rate. Freedom from rate increases would make our forefathers super stoked.

We’ll be back to our regular staffed hours on Friday, July 5 at our SLO and HEN gyms. Come in, tell us all about your epic 4th of July adventures, and get ready to crush those climbs.

Have a safe and happy 4th, PadFam!

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