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We’re a rock climbing gym opening in Binghamton, NY in late 2024, and looking for an experienced Head Route Setter. The Head Route Setter is responsible for leading a team of route setters in the day-to-day creation of The Pad’s primary service and is instrumental not only to the success of the gyms, but to the vitality of the local climbing community. We believe that quality setting motivates, inspires, and teaches our members to be better climbers and to grow as individuals and members of the community.

The Head Route Setter is responsible for helping to make The Pad a model of the industry by delivering high-quality and innovative routes that will continually excite our members and visitors. This individual will be one of the most present leaders in The Pad community and will be accessible for crew, members, and setters to look to for inspiration and guidance. The Head Setter must be passionate, willing to work hard physically and mentally, promote team collaboration, and provide excellent risk assessment. 

You should have enough experience to speak the lingo, make safety calls, be familiar with gear and equipment, and be confident in your ability to learn and adapt. Above all else, you need to have a strong desire to be part of The Pad community. 

Our Mission:

To build immersive, self-reliant and interdependent experiences, spaces, and opportunities through climbing, community, fitness, and love.

You will be responsible for:

Team Management

    • Hire, train, & manage the route-setting team, including scheduling & performance evaluation
    • Set clear objectives for each route-setting day by assigning grades, locations, & goals for the crew
    • Foster growth & development within the department by leading setting exercise days 
    • Work with the Director of Setting to determine the correct budget needed for the department in payroll, supplies, & hold budgets

Route Setting Excellence:

  • Introducing new route climbing & bouldering problems on an ongoing regular & frequent schedule 
  • Ensure all climbs at the gyms emphasize safety & satisfy the needs of the gyms’ diverse climbing community with an appropriate spread of grades across varying terrain 
  • Maintaining all routes & boulders during the time they are up on an as-needed basis including tightening holds, securing tape, fixing t-nuts, etc.
  • Attending relevant clinics or other professional development courses related to route setting, gym safety, & the climbing gym industry as budgeting allows & management requests

Safety Oversight:

  • Oversee the safety department, equipment maintenance, first aid supplies, & gym safety protocols ensuring compliance with safety policies & procedures
  • Develop & implement risk management standards associated with route setting to ensure the safety of climbers and staff
  • Respond to incidents, spinning holds, or facility requests regarding flooring, walls, routes, & any gear outside of setting shifts

Performance Tracking:

  • Track departmental KPIs & optimize setting to hit cost goals on per-problem and per-route ratios
  • Report departmental performance to management & contribute to department goals

Leadership and Community Engagement:

  • Provide leadership & guidance to setters, serving as an ambassador between the route-setting department and The Pad’s members & visitors
  • Foster a collaborative atmosphere where team members feel comfortable sharing ideas & concerns
  • Act as a role model for professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm for climbing & route setting
  • Connect with the gym climbing community every week during busy gym hours to gather first-hand knowledge of the success of the setting departments’ work 
  • Gather feedback from community members & use it to drive continuous improvement in the experience The Pad provides to all visitors to the gym
  • Attending quarterly events hosted by the gym, especially when route setting is a centerpiece of the event

Conflict Resolution and Communication:

  • Help resolve conflicts between route-setters or other staff members, escalating issues to upper management when necessary
  • Maintain open communication with all levels of management & attend staff meetings, 1 on 1’s with the Route Setting Director, safety coordinator, & setting crew members
  • Respond promptly over Asana, email, & WhenIWork
  • Serve as liaison between the route setting department & The Pad’s other departments (crew, events, youth programs, etc.)
  • Advising gym management regarding issues, events, & projects related to route setting or overall gym operation

You will be consulted for:

  • Policy development
  • Leadership strategy
  • Staffing needs
  • Construction projects
  • Space usage

You will be informed about:

  • Policy and procedure updates
  • Expansion updates
  • Changes specific to the facility
  • Ongoing training opportunities


  • Ability to communicate clearly with peers and the community
  • Experience with and knowledge of proper use of safety, climbing, and work at heights equipment
  • Confidence in standing up to strangers and those you care about when it comes to following rules and upholding the values of the company
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds
  • Ability to work on uneven surfaces, work off 14-foot ladders, and use power tools such as impact drivers, angle grinders, drills, and power washers. 
  • Knowledge of safe climbing techniques including the ability to tie basic climbing knots such as the figure-8, Super-8, and clove hitch, how to belay with a gri-gri, how to lead climb, and how to safely fall 
  • Friendly, enthusiastic attitude, can exhibit warmth and empathy
  • Tech savvy enough to use and apply a wide variety of applications, including When I Work, Google Drive, Gmail, and Asana
  • Uphold company values and use the mission statement to guide decisions
  • Codeword: Crimp

What we have to offer:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Paid bi-monthly on the 1st and 16th of each month (or the next business day always)
  • Annual climbing shoe stipend (up to $200) 
  • Annual full-time salary of $32,500 – $60,000 
  • Monthly self-care stipend
  • Accrued paid time off
  • Transfer and promotional opportunities
  • Gym membership for self plus immediate family
  • Retail and merchandise discounts

We are an equal-opportunity employer that welcomes and seeks diverse voices and experiences aligned with the vision of our organization: Climbing. Community. Fitness. Love.

Don’t send that resume just yet!

We don’t want your resume, we don’t want your cover letter, and we don’t want phone calls and emails!

Why? We at the Pad feel that the employment process is broken and we want to address these issues and hopefully inspire others to, as well.

Why is it broken?

  • Applicants are judged on their ability to make a fancy-looking document
  • Applicants are judged on their writing ability when that may not be a requirement of their position
  • Applicants are unfairly judged based on their employment history, success in describing it, and even by their own name and location.
  • Applicants are encouraged to go above and beyond, reaching out to HR and supervisors, and writing long essays, all of which is an emotional drain on everyone
  • Salary, benefits, time expectations, and even physical ability requirements are either omitted or over-inflated.

Our process eliminates this and is designed to test applicants in as little time as possible to see if they will be a good fit. Through our process, we are able to:

  • Educate you about the organization you are applying for so you know if it is a good fit or not for you.
  • Check for the level of attention to detail we want to see prior to hiring.
  • Check for level of readiness for the position
  • Show us your personality
  • Take a minimum of time and energy for our HR team AND you

Please note – if you send resumes, cover letters, etc without being asked, we will NOT review them.

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