MAggie Andrews - Studio Fitness Manager

MAggie Andrews - Studio Fitness Manager


Our vision: The Studio Fitness program exists to change the way we view ourselves and the world around us by improving physical health, building confidence, and finding community. To create a yoga and fitness program that is all at once approachable (offering a wide range of levels), accessible (doesn't cost hundreds of dollars a month), non-competitive (we show up to grow together), and challenging (because otherwise, what's the point?) for everyone who walks through The Pad's door.

"Originally it was a convenient way to get a stretch on after a climb and wind down a bit. The yoga grew on and I started to challenge myself more and more to get some of the harder moves like handstands, etc. I just noticed that my body was feeling great all of the time and that a some of the pains I associated with and assumed were inevitable as I got older were easily avoidable though a regular practice of yoga." -Member testimonial


Benefits of our classes: Improved flexibility, wrist and shoulder health, and core strength are a few physical benefits that will cross over to your climbing and other pursuits. Not to mention the level of mental focus and clarity that comes with a regular practice, and the sense of community that continues from the gym and onto the mat.

The mood at The Pad and Slo Op is so different than studios that only offer yoga; it’s okay to fall down and laugh about it. Climbers aren’t worried about not being able do something; they go for it regardless! I’ve seen many people come into the studio without having a single day on the mat. After a few weeks they see progress in their climbing so they keep coming back. Yoga does magical things for climbing, it’s just a matter of how long it takes people to realize that and come practice!
— Member testimonial