Beginners Climbing Class $120

- SLO Only

Experience a broad introduction to climbing with this 4 week class. This class is perfect for someone new to climbing that wants to learn all that climbing has to offer. Experience and skills covered in this beginners class are: bouldering, belaying, terminology, rope management, etiquette, and training techniques.           

Bouldering Fundamentals $30


In this hour and a half class, climbers will learn bouldering fundamentals that will allow them to confidently boulder at any gym! In this course, boulders will learn proper body positioning, spotting and falling techniques, route reading strategies, and bouldering safety.

Rope Fundamentals - $25 or free for members

- SLO Only

In this hour and a half class, climbers will learn top rope fundamentals such as tying proper knots, terminology, belaying, and rope climbing safety. The climber will take the test the following day to prove that they were able to retain the information, not just store it in their short term memory and regurgitate it.

Intro To Lead - $60

- SLO Only

Work with an experienced coach in a small personalized class to help build the skills and knowledge needed to safely lead climb. Practice proper lead climbing communication, lead belaying, clipping in, and lead falling, ending with the capstone of taking the gym’s lead climbing test. Build a proper climbing foundation that will last a lifetime.

Intro to Crack - $50

- SLO Only

In this one and a half hour class, learn all there is to know about crack climbing. Learn how to properly tape hands, practice different types of hand jams, develop a footwork foundation and discuss the safety of crack climbing. 

In this three hour clinic, climbers will learn advanced techniques for outdoor climbing while practicing inside.

Improve Lead climbing - $50

- SLO Only