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Coronavirus Policies

Our gyms will be following all current state and local guidelines.

If you have been fully vaccinated, meaning two weeks have passed after receiving both doses, masks are no longer required. Unvaccinated guests are still required to wear masks. We will not be checking the vaccination status of our guests at either location.

For the same reason that our organization remained closed and operated closely to the guidelines provided – we feel that our community does the right thing and expects others to. On top of generalized information available, we are comfortable thanks to the work of California Indoor Climbing Coalition’s research proving us a low-risk facility.


We are currently working with former yoga instructors, led by our former studio program director, to develop a more sustainable yoga program as we ramp back up to profitability and pay down debt.

We are working with popular, reliable instructors to provide them free space to practice with you in exchange for donation or direct payment. As we get this system set up, we will update you.

Here is our full policy outlined.

General Policies (in effect until further notice):

  1. No entry to anyone unless fever free – under 99F (thermometer will be at desk to check all employees and visitors). 

  2. Anyone who is sick, or feeling sick will not be admitted.

  3. Masks are required for all unvaccinated guests.

  4. Limit the number of people in the establishment to ensure social distancing at all times.

  5. Hand-washing or hand sanitizer mandatory upon entry and exit of the gym

  6. Employees will use of hand sanitizer prior to, and after, touching common use items

  7. Regular employee sanitation of high touch point areas every two hours with spray bottle and 1000 ppm bleach solution or approved alternate:

    1. Entry and exit door handles

    2. All free hand contact points (bars, weights, etc) seats and benches

    3. All exercise machine contact points (bars, pins, handles, etc), seats, and benches

    4. Entry 

    5. Gym iPads

    6. Keyboards

    7. Computer mouse

    8. Counter tops

    9. Microphones

    10. Vending machine

    11. Light switches

    12. Coffee stations

    13. Drinking fountains

    14. Bathroom door handles, faucets, stall handles, and sinks

  8. Gym to provide sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer and single use towels for gym users to disinfect equipment used

  9.  Additional requirements for gym users:

    1. Sanitize all free hand contact points as described above

    2. Sanitize all exercise machine contact points as described above

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