We're more than just climbing. You'll be more than just anything.

Really want an introduction to yoga? Get ready to have us to rock your world.

Have you attended a yoga class and wondered what it was all about? Did you do some bends and come back for more because you liked how it felt, but you wondered how much more there was to get out of it? Just curious about this whole yoga thing in the first place?

Our intro to yoga course isn't just a beginner's yoga class. It's an immersion into the culture and practice.

Our experienced and certified yogis will spend this clinic outlining the spiritual and practical origins of yoga, explain the terms you often hear but never fully understand, and take you through an example sun salutation showing you the full mechanics of what you're doing and how to get the most out of a session with our instructors. 

We teach you to own your practice, ask questions, and have confidence taking your your next class. Join us!

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