Climbing's not supposed to be competitive, unless it's against yourself or all in good fun . . . 

BUT we love good fun!

USAC Sport Climbing Competition @SLO location

April 21, 2018

Every month, we host some small competitions to push you to the next level and help you meet the community while you do it!

Monday Mashup

After a specific Sunday reset at either gym, converge on the space at 6 pm on a Monday and compete with a partner to see who will get their place of honor on the wall and a photo with our trophy!

Check our routesetter calendar for details on dates and locations!

#ROTM (Route of the Month)

Each month, our setters pick two of their favorite routes at each gym (one intermediate and one advanced) for you to aspire to. Work that sucker and let's see it! There's no success unless there's failure first! Let's all cheer each other on!

When you send, post that brag with #ROTM and we will cheer you on! You can also use it to unlock beta by asking the crowd!