Welcome and thank you for your interest with regard to investing in our exciting new venture!

For a link to our NDA, which will allow you to see our detailed Deal Memo as well as our financial information:

If you are ready to commit to investment:

Once you have deposited the money, please fill out the following information (this is a secure link):

Deal Summary

Investors have a choice of four options:

  • Staying with their current shares in the Pad Climbing (SLO/SM)

  • Getting on a wait list to purchase Series B shares of The Pad Climbing (SLO/SM)

    • $50,000 for 2.8% ownership

    • Available only if shares are transferred or bought out

    • General, no warrant

  • Investment in Series A offer of shares for The Pad Goleta

    • $35,000 for 1% ownership

    • 29 available

    • General, no warrant

  • Investment in Series A offer of shares for Ascent Ventures (AV)

    • $50,000 for 1% ownership

    • 12 available

    • General, no warrant

    • AV holds 51% of the profits of both Pad Climbing SLO/SM and The Pad Goleta, along with potential acquisitions and existing holdings (founders will probably transfer their holdings of All Out Events to the organization as well)

** Shareholders may also transfer their Series A share to a Series A share of another offering, provided they infuse the additional capital required to meet the price.

Loaners have a choice of three options:

  • Retaining their loan with possible buyout of the loaning bank during expansion

  • Buy out of their loan by Ascent Ventures

  • Transferring loans into Equity for Investor opportunities above - check your amortization schedule for equity as of date of transfer, additional funds are likely

Deadlines for Investment commitment:

  • SLO/SM Series A shareholders and loan holders’ priority: 11/1/18

    • funding must be received by 11/30/18

  • General offerings: 12/31/18

    • Funding must be received by 2/1/18

  • Those interested in Series B SLO/SM:

    • You will be put on a waitlist when we receive your commitment document.

    • Funding must be received within 30 days or you will forfeit your place in line.

Check out the building/location!