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Please note, we reserve the right to determine who we sell shares to. This is not a guarantee of sale.Personal Info

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Deal Summary

Investors have a choice of three options:

  • Investment in Series A offer of shares for the Pad Worldwide:
    • $35,000 for 1% ownership
    • 30 available
    • Common, no warrant
    • Indicate which location (s) you would like to invest in. May not split share between the two locations as they are separate entities.
    • Great returns for long term investment
  • Investment in Series A offer of shares for Ascent Ventures (AV)
    • $50,000 for 1% ownership
    • 12 available
    • Common, no warrant
    • AV holds shares of potential acquisitions and existing holdings of the Horowitzes
    • Faster returns but costs more

Loaners have a choice of these options:

  • Retaining their loan – buyout will occur with fundraising activities, probably by the end of 2019.
  • Transferring loans into Equity for Investor opportunities above – check your amortization schedule for equity as of date of transfer, provided you infuse the additional capital required to meet the price if needed.