The Pad Climbing is looking for coaches!

We’re bringing coaching to Santa Maria, and if you’re looking for an incredible, fast paced, and friendly place to be, have we got the job for you! You’ll join our wonderful team and membership in changing lives: we mean it when we say we’re about climbing, community, fitness, and love.

We believe that we as a business have the ability to change lives for the better and we are looking for someone that is able engage people in a friendly and inclusive way so that they can make their home here and do that.

We are still in a mode of flux as we refine our practices, so adaptability and a can-do attitude to take on tasks and changes as they come up is important. We are looking for someone who can be friendly and kind, but also direct and address issues to resolution as they come up.

We are looking for coaches who are comfortable and experienced working with kids age 7-17, though interest in younger ages is welcome as well.

You’ll be:

  • Developing and refining curriculum for multi day practices

  • Filling in when team mates are not available

  • Scheduling practices

  • Attending competitions to serve as coach in other locations

  • Working with SLO staff to refine and unify coaching approaches

  • Facilitate collaborations in the community

  • Suggest and implement ideas to better serve the community


  • Experience with coaching, whether its years being coached or coaching yourself.

  • Team player - you will interact with both the staff under you and other program teammates to coordinate activities and gym operations

  • Reliable and punctual

  • Be a part of the rock climbing community - we don’t care how hard you climb, but you should have enough experience to speak the lingo, make safety calls (or know who to defer to) and feel confident in training belay certification. Experience climbing outside a major plus - we’re a gym run by people who climb outside and we like the culture that brings.

Character strengths we look for:

  • Have a passion for climbing and the ways it can improve lives

  • Lover of learning and a deep interest in improving things for those around them

  • Friendly, enthusiastic attitude

  • Comfortable with coaching and correction

  • Someone that loves to develop and lead a team

  • A team player who can jump in where needed

  • Confident decision maker and able to delegate

  • Ability to document and report as needed

  • Tech savvy enough to use and apply a wide variety of applications, including Word, Google Drive, Gmail, and others.

  • Able to lift 50 lbs

What we’re offering to you:

  • Part time salary starting at $12/hour and going up depending on experience

  • Growth opportunities

  • Holiday closures

If you’re adaptable, have a positive outlook, and love learning and improving, we want to hear from you!

Please send cover letter, resume, and three professional references with name, phone number, and position you served to