Torri Burke

Hi! My name is Torri, and I am The Pad's Climbing Program director. I started with working with the climbing programs three years ago, when we were only one small gym. I started with BIG dreams and goals for what climbing programs could be for our community, and I never let them go. Through the past three years, we have successfully launched many programs, and with the new San Luis Obispo location, we have been able to develop and offer many more.

What started as a dream for me three years ago, and a dream for many others long before, has taken fruition. I am so excited to be a part of it! I have enjoyed playing a part in creating a supportive and welcoming community for climbers of all ages, abilities, and experiences, as well as collaborating with others to make their dreams regarding the gym and its programs come true!


Will Fallat

I started climbing about four years ago and began competing in youth competitions as well as collegiate competitions. This past summer I spent time working with and teaching kids at ABC Kids Climbing before moving to SLO and I’m excited to continue working in the climbing community doing what I love.


Courtney Tuskan

I have been with The Pad for about two years now. I have grown and developed so much physically and mentally since I started climbing, and I am excited to help others spark a lifelong passion. I am always willing to learn, share my knowledge, and help others as I go! 


Vincent Gagliardi

I've been climbing for 2 years and started at The Pad in Santa Maria! I became a route setter and a climbing coach at the Santa Maria location in 2016. I am interested coaching all ages and levels of climbers. I am very patient and encouraging when coaching. I hope to climb with you soon!


Kat Hasson

I've been coaching at Slo Op for 2 years now. I have coached after school kids programs, summer camp programs, and private clinics both at the old SLO-Op and The Pad in Santa Maria. I am a very social, encouraging coach that loves to work with all ages and all levels of climbers! I love climbing and enjoy that many parents and newcomers alike have trusted me to teach them how to prosper and do well in the sport.


Chloe Fliescher

I am an outdoor and active lifestyle enthusiast. My passions include running and climbing. I am excited to teach newcomers, kids, anyone and everyone about the joys of climbing and all it has to offer! Can't wait to learn and grow with you all! 


Jacqueline Lerma

I can stand on a horse, so obviously, I can teach your toddlers how to get some confidence!