The Pad Climbing


Welcome to “SLO Op 4!” – The Pad SLO is the result of 15 years of building gyms, tearing them down, and building them again. What started as a woodie in a storage unit ended with this beautiful, shiny thing. We’re psyched to be the original community gym – keeping our nonprofit vibe even when we grew into a real, live corporation.

What do we have?

  • Bouldering: 4000 square feet, averaging 17 feet high
  • Rope climbing: 9000 square feet, averaging 35 feet high; 5 autobelays
  • Outdoor slackline
  • 2 different free weight stations, rower + AirDyne bike
  • 2 yoga rooms
  • Coworking space / free wifi and coffee – bring your own cup
  • Dedicated climbing training perch with hangboards, systems board, and more
  • Dedicated youth climbing area
  • Shower!
  • FREE Pedicab for busy evenings when you have to park far away (he appreciates tips!)
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WE'RE BACK, but operating at limited capacity!

Currently, purple = closed. Red = 10% capacity. Orange = 25% capacity. Yellow = 50% capacity.

25% of each session is reserved for walkins. Members can reserve through the app or website!

Download our APP to get updates and book, too!

2 hour sessions are firm. If you come later than 15 minutes, you may be turned away. Some walkin spots are available on a first come, first served basis.