San Luis Obispo Yoga / Barre / Studio Classes

We pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of our SLO yoga teachers. All instructors aren’t for everyone; but there’s a yoga instructor for everyone.

Course Descriptions: 

  • Morning Vinyasa/Friday Flow — Start your day off with an upbeat, energizing yoga flow that encourages mindful breathing, strength building, and deep stretching. All levels.
  • Noon Flow — Use your lunch break to connect with your mind and body. This class will get you moving, breathing, stretching, and ready to continue your day. All levels.
  • Candle Flow — This Vinyasa style class builds strength and flexibility while focusing on breath and body awareness, the perfect way to relax into your evening. All levels.
  • Yin/Yang — Begin class with slow, deep stretching before moving into more invigorating standing and balancing postures. All levels.
  • Gentle Yoga — Looking to restore and detoxify? This class moves slowly and gently, allowing the body to relax into every posture. All levels.
  • Vinyasa II — Want to practice your party tricks? This level 2 class moves quickly and incorporates more challenging postures such as arm balances and inversions. Intermediate, some previous experience recommended.
  • Happy Hour Yoga/ Weekend Flow — A fun class to welcome your weekend! Welcome strength, flexibility, body awareness, and mental clarity. All levels.
  • Yoga Sculpt — Strength training and yoga combine for a fun, deeply satisfying workout. Light free weights and fast faced sequences help to increase muscle strength and improve cardiovascular health. Intermediate, some previous experience recommended.
  • Barre — Barre class isn’t just for wanna-be ballerinas. This class mixes core, yoga and functional training though isolated small movements that help to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. All levels.