We aren't just a gym, we're a team.

While not everyone is on this page, they're all the most excellent at what they do.


Yishai + Kristin Horowitz - Founders, owners, etc etc

These two are the magic behind the gym. They set the tone, make the magic happen behind the scenes, and their relentless pursuit of awesomeness is contagious.

If you notice the gyms are family friendly, thank the Squees for appearing and showing the Horowitzes how awesome climbing for littles can be.


Nate Farrington - All the things

We really should have photoshopped him into the photo above. Nate is our "third" of the team that makes the magic happen. He handles everything the Horowitzes can't.

Specifically, he's in charge of training, developing programs, and outreach.

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Joe Maier - Head Setter

The routes are the bread and butter of the gym, good thing Joe makes some awesome toast! He's got no ego - just a strong desire to be amazing at what he does and he inspires everyone around him. There's a reason why we have a solid reputation for the artwork of problems and routes we put up!

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Sera Melini - studio manager

We have some of the best studios in town and it's because Sera puts the work in to take care of our instructors while being an eagle eye on the lookout for reliable and diverse teachers to fit our unique studio needs.

You can find out about her passions, expertise, additional offerings, and visions at her website.


Jacob Rivera - HR director and SM general manager

You need heart, investment, and things done right? You go to Jacob. 


Alexa Ulman - SLO General Manager

This woman is all sparkle and all can-do. She's always striving to make us better than we are (and herself included).


Chloe Fliesher - Marketing Manager

Forthright and powerful, she makes sure we know what's up.