Our headquarters staff

Meet the people that keep this machine running. 


Kristin + Yishai Horowitz

Owners, administration of staff and facilities, general development

We built this on the backs of a lot of other people who believed in the vision and us. In kind, we want The Pad to be the kind of community that encourages the village to help anyone who is ready to put the work in get where they want to be. Whether that's climbing, confidence, or a place in our community, or all of the above.


Ashley Heath - Outreach Coordinator

Community partnership development, event coordinator

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Joe Maier - Head route setter

Setting, training route setters, competitions


Colton Johnson - SLO manager

Staff, scheduling, purchasing, customer service, facility upkeep

We build this community with you! My staff and I do everything we can to welcome you and help you reach your goals. Climbing can be daunting to new comers. We are there with you every step of the way! Whether it be bouldering, sport climbing, or anything else, we will support you and elevate you to your goals. Climbing is all about community and we want to be yours.


Jacob Rivera - Santa Maria manager

Staff, scheduling, customer service, facility upkeep

I would like to offer you every resource at my disposal to help you develop and follow your passion. We are more than a climbing gym. We are a community. If you have a goal, or a dream, we will support you during each step of your journey. We are a home, we are a family, and we would be more than ecstatic to have you along with us as we embark out on new adventures.