Join our volunteer program!

Just two hours a week gets you:

  • a full reciprocal membership and all the benefits that come with it

  • a chance to be a part of the leadership team that sets the tone for everyone at The Pad

How to do the thing:

Send an email to and tell us a little about yourself, your interest, and your availability.  We’ll respond with what we have currently available!

  • Belayer:  You must have experience belaying, be belay certified through The Pad, and be super comfortable with ensuring the safety of climbers on the floor of the rope area.

  • Hold washer: Can’t get enough of those sweet, sweet plastic grips? Come help clean them off! This is also a great way to get involved in routesetting in the future.

  • Cleaning: sometimes there’s something bigger out there than our cleaners do – that’s where you come in

  • Special Projects:  Do you see something that would make us even better and you have the skills to make it happen? Let us know.