The Pad Climbing


We put the “fun” in FUNCTIONAL FITNESS

We’re more than just a climbing gym and yoga studio – we’re serious about fitness.

That’s why a number of our members come here to get their swole on and never bother touching our walls.

At our gyms you’ll find:

  • Free weights
  • Medicine balls
  • Functional fitness apparatus like box jumps, bands, etc
  • Cardio equipment
  • Specialized equipment like stall bars and salmon ladders
  • Ninja Warrior – type training area with peg ladder and grip training
  • Good peeps with no ego

Come check us out – just pick a location and let the front staff know what you’re looking for – if we don’t have it, we’re open to getting it!

We want this to be your one-stop shop for fitness, fun, and community in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria.

Did you know we produce a ton of American Ninja Warriors?

Check out Paddie Thomas Kofron getting after it!

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