The Offer

Hey guys - every year, the WOW leadership releases us as an option for WOW groups, but never checks in with us, so we apologize if you called and we did not respond. We're not staffed to answer a million phone calls and emails, so we have a procedure that's first come, first served. 

In the past, we offered totally free climbing, but it's gotten to be expensive, so you'll be paying for your volunteer host's time.

  • $20 total for bouldering groups of up to 15
  • $70 total for groups of up to 15 and includes rental of three harnesses and a dedicated staff member to teach and oversee group for belaying
  • Each session is an hour long. You can sign up for more than one if you want to, but most new climbers will be plenty tired by then.

How to Sign Up

Do NOT call us or email us. 

Please visit THIS LINK and take an available spot.

We cannot accommodate additional groups in the gym, it's fairly small and there are limited beginner routes. 

The hours available are the only ones available. We cannot change it up.

What next?

  • Once you sign up, consider your spot held. You will be contacted in a few weeks by a staff member of the gym who will be hosting you to confirm.
    • DO NOT CALL THE GYM to confirm. 
    • If you have to cancel, also contact the assigned staff member, not the gym's general number or email address.
  • If possible, have your group sign waivers ahead of time: follow this link and create an account - that's waiver signing. This will ensure more climbing time!
  • Pay when you get there. We trust you.