The Pad Climbing

Young Climber

Teaching more than just how to climb.  


Try our 10 week caregiver participation sessions!

Develop confidence and safe risk taking in a supportive and fun new environment! Your kids will safely fall, navigate uneven terrain and obstacles, and climb while learning to assess risk, communicate with others, and more. Getting a jump on these skills will reap rewards well into the future! Children with strong cross-crawl abilities, balance, and ability to fall in a controlled manner with build on these skills throughout their lives.

We will also encourage you as a caregiver to allow your child to explore and take risks without interfering in his or her natural development!

Our programs are developed and taught by experienced child development professionals, and inspired or guided from sources such as The Doman Institute, RIE, childhood occupational therapists and physiology experts.


  • Ages 5+
  • Emphasis on acquiring skills for our youth teams (not just climbing ability, but teamwork and emotional maturity), kids and parents will be challenged physically, emotionally, and intellectually to grow through goal setting and achievements together.


  • Ages 1 – 4
  • Emphasis on independent exploration, physical development, appropriate supportive verbalization, teamwork, and socialization.

Please note: often new children have a hard time focusing their first time in class – the gym is very stimulating! – we may be less structured initially with your child because of this.

Space in class is limited; sign up ahead of time to avoid being turned away.

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