Taking a belay test with us? Here’s what you need to know!

We’ve got the scoop on what we’re looking for in order to pass your belay test with flying colors.

Taking a belay test at The Pad? Check out this handy dandy study guide (save a tree and print only if absolutely necessary, please).

We will be asking you about:

  • 3 safety checks for a harness:
    • Snug and above hipbones
    • Buckles are double backed
    • No twists, harness oriented correctly

Be sure to check that carabiners are locked and/or knots are oriented cleanly.

For the actual technique, we want you to demonstrate:

  • Rope tied in using a figure 8 with no more or less than 4-8 inches of tail
  • Properly loaded belay device (we highly recommend a tube-style device)

At The Pad, we use the PBUS Belay Technique:

    • Pull
    • Brake
    • Under
    • Slide

We want to make sure you know your safety lingo! Be sure to know these climbing commands prior to climbing and during:

      • On belay? Belay on.
      • Climbing? Climb on.
      • Take
      • Slack
      • Falling
      • Lower

So, you might be wondering – why do you have to do it specifically like this?

  • Because we created this environment and we are legally liable for it – if we don’t have set standards, then we can’t train our staff or enforce them
  • Because this is the proven safest way to do things and demonstrate your mastery!

Have questions? Come see us at the front desk!

Don’t send that resume just yet!

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