Green Business Practices

What's Our Commitment to the Environment?

The Pad Climbing is founded by and run by outdoor climbers. We know that we impact our environment by growing the sport through our business and we do our best to mitigate negative impacts by:

  • Supporting and educating the Leave No Trace Principals
  • Representing local climbers and conservationists through partnerships and advocacy
  • Supporting the Native peoples whose land we currently occupy through nonperformative land acknowledgement, partnership with tribal councils on initiatives, and offering free day passes to all Tribal ID holders
  • Certifying our businesses in each state we operate as “Green Business”
logo of California Green Business Network. logo of Nevada Green Business Network

What are we doing to create more sustainable business practices?

Conserving Energy
  • Turn off all faucets, lights, ovens, and appliances when not in use, bathrooms and shared spaces have been fitted with sensors so that they will shut off automatically when not in use
  • Insulating buildings whenever possible
  • Keep air vents free of office supplies
  • Unplug personal electronics once charging is complete
  • Utilize power strips
  • Maintain refrigerator efficiency by keeping evaporator coils free of excessive frost and condenser coils free of dust
  • Utilized all advanced energy saving technology possible
  • Installation of solar panels whenever possible
Preventing Unnecessary Pollution
  • Use non-toxic cleaning supplies where applicable, ASPEN for crew cleaning
  • Recycle spent batteries, lightbulbs, and E waste in the proper container
Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling
  • Dispose of bottles, cans, and paper in the blue recycling bins
  • Place used toner cartridges and dead batteries in office bin for drop-off at proper facility
  • Report issues to the Facilities Manager
  • Set computer default to print double-sided
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle/mugs to work, encourage use of the water bottle filler on the drinking fountains instead of buying single use plastics
  • Use reusable silverware, mugs, and other dishes in breakroom
    Buy in bulk when possible (sugar, tea, coffee, cleaning supplies, etc)
  • Always double check for items that can be used for events before buying new ones, consider borrowing or buying second hand
  • Employees are encouraged to walk, bike, or carpool to get to work
  • No idling
  • Remote work encouraged and supported for those who do not need to be on location
Water and Wastewater
  • Report any leaky faucets
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