We are here because we relied on a lot of other people’s blood, sweat, tears, faith, and money – and we owe it to that legacy to be the best it can be and to serve people with the same feeling and heart that it did when it was a little wood storage unit.

Let’s talk about what makes us different:

  • Our staff aren’t elitists who think they climb harder and are better than other people

  • We focus on what we’re good at – community building through rock climbing and supplemental activities. No cafes and minimal retail.

  • We build in extras: free coffee, good wifi, hangout places, and free rental shoes (always) to make getting into climbing (at least bouldering) easy.

  • Accessibility – we strive for 24 hour locations when possible and inclusivity for all people.

  • We are not a franchise – we want our core values to be what’s made us successful all along – from the type of people we hire to how our building looks, to reciprocal membership wherever we are.

  • No fancy corporate anything – we encourage you to get out into the community, whether it’s a co-working space, a coffee shop, or you’re vanlifing it. We like remote working and then coming together as needed.

  • We empower our employees to make changes and improve things. We have you guys work to recognize one another and develop core leadership qualities.

To be who we are, we focus on three things:

  • Climbing, and its community, changes lives for the better.

  • Do it the best you can or not at all.

  • Provide an amazing life for the people who serve the company.

What does this mean?

  1. We hire people who understand that the 80 year old, frail woman walking in can somehow be changed beyond her wildest desire right next to the 20 something that weight 400 lbs next to the 40 something in the best shape of their life. We know that starting kids and parents early in safe risk taking and goal setting can set you up for life. That grit, perseverance, and support are the keys to happiness. And it drives everything we do.

  2. If we can’t be the best coffee shop, we’re not going to be a coffee shop. We can be the best climbing gym, fitness studio, and weights around, so we do that. We do not let ourselves get stagnant – we constantly improve operations, facility, and design, even at great cost, because it makes us proud to be a part of something great and not just “good enough.” We do not worry about competition because we’re just too good to compete with.

  3. We do not skimp on pay or benefits and offer the best we can at any given moment. We believe that attracting good people to do something that they love will make it a beautiful place to work as well as go to for fun. But we also know that we need to make it worth committing long term. Our people come first.

Why do people join our gyms?

Because we make them feel like home. We keep them clean, beautiful, inclusive, and amenity stacked, and our staff genuinely cares and is curious about each and every person that comes to our gym. We do not proselytize, but we do believe that our mere existence can bring about a lot of good in the world – and that climbing and community can empower people to bring even more beauty to our communities.

We exist because of those who came before us. We owe it to them to honor them in our respect for the land, other people, and for the sport itself.