Why Culture Matters to Us

Culture it is the foundation of what our members, employers, and vendors can expect from us. As a 24/7 trust space staffed with folks who often times don’t have a manager on shift, there are always times when a decision has to be made in the moment – and culture is what makes it a good choice that we can back up when called to do so.

This is what you can expect from The Pad Climbing, its members, its employees, and its partners.


To build immersive, self-reliant and interdependent experiences, spaces, and opportunities through climbing, community, fitness, and love.


  • Iterate efficiency and profitability to support employee first environment
  • The facility must be both safe and attractive
  • Creative, progressive, and fun route offerings for the diverse needs of our climbing community
  • Create programs that foster environmental sustainability, equity, and proximity to our services



The Pad Logo: it's Paddie, an orange crash pad being worn by someone, viewed from behind


To us, inclusion means inclusion without exception. 

All climbing is all good; all climbers are all good.

The Pad has always been committed to giving access to anyone who wishes it and will uphold the values of the organization, making it a safe and inclusive space for all. We believe that inclusion happens by ignoring the exclusive and cliquish mindset that can occur upon adopting a new pursuit, with all the lingo and signaling that come with it. 

We are committed to the following authentic leadership goals:

We are committed to the following workplace leadership:


We strive to hire people we’ll support long term, even if that means they leave us for new experiences. We believe in your potential and that you are inherently an important balance to the team. As long as employees demonstrate resilience to constructive criticism and a desire to learn and improve, we are committed to you.







Just like climbing – we believe in improvement through daily practice and improvement. Looking to improve how we do things means that we will always be ahead of the curve. 

Ask yourself two questions constantly:

We support delegation and efficient use of time. Solving a repetitive issue or handing off a task you’re not suited for will make you happier, us more money, and the organization stronger.

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