Basic Membership Benefits:

  •  24/7 access to everything but ropes
  •  Kids under 3 free
  •  Free crashpad rental for 5 days
  •  Member mornings: Ropes starting 8:30 am M-F
  •  First time passes – bring your friends
  •  1 Buddy Pass a month
4 cheerful women and 2 cheerful men, with 3 of the women carrying the 2 men and 1 woman on their backs
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Want more benefits? Join Climb4Community!

This is our pay-what-you-can membership. Apply for a discount or pay as little as $1 more and get our premium membership!

All the above, PLUS:

How Climb4Community Can Benefit YOU

Members who are able to pay more than basic membership rates choose their own monthly membership price, and those who need to pay less can also set their price.

There are no qualifying conditions for paying less or more** – and the people that handle the applications have been selected for their ability to keep it anonymous, inclusive, and kind.

** If under $50, individual needs to show evidence as supporting the community as well – this could be acting as a caregiver for a relative, volunteering, etc. in addition to showing significant financial need.

We are trust-based and minimally invasive. Nobody aside from the HQ team will know if you are a pay in or benefit member – but you get ALL the perks!

A family of 5 standing in a creek

This young family, which includes three adopted daughters, gets to enjoy The Pad together thanks to your Climb4Community membership.


Work with one of our partner organizations and they’ll give you a letter that grants you a *free or discounted membership!

Don’t see a group you work with? Connect us! We’re more than happy to partner with other organizations!

*Free or discounted membership varies by location and organization. Please check with your partner organization for more information.


Are you a young person looking to climb or someone undergoing a life change? Sign up for one of these mentorship programs:

Climb4Community in Depth

As a company with a heritage as the country’s first nonprofit bouldering gym, community support and inclusion is our #1 priority, even as our builds and footprints get more and more expensive. In order to make our shareholders happy, our employees have a clear vision, and bring more people into the The Pad Climbing umbrella, we’ve developed a program under the guidance of Climb4Community.

Review our slideshow for details and learn more about Memberships, Community Partners, Groups, and Donations.

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