Start out right, for less – Intro to Climbing is 20% off!

A group of new climbers at an indoor climbing wall

Start your journey with one of our pros! Elevate your climbing skills with our Intro to Climbing classes – now at a rare 20% discount for the season! Whether you’re a beginner to our gym or the sport overall, this 1-hour class, led by experienced instructors, offers a welcoming space for everyone.

Inclusive Learning Environment

Our classes, accommodating 2-6 participants, provide a personalized experience for climbers of all levels. From fundamentals to advanced techniques, our instructors ensure you feel confident on the wall while fostering connections with fellow climbers.

What’s Included

You get the whole shebang to get you started: a day pass, rental equipment, and one hour of expert instruction. Break down barriers to climbing and dive into an immersive experience with everything you need provided. And at a discount too! We’ve pretty much taken care of all of your excuses for you.

Limited Time Offer

This exclusive 20% discount is a limited-time offer. Seize the chance to learn, connect, and conquer new heights. Reserve your spot now for a climbing adventure that combines fun, learning, and community! PRO TIP: You can use your gift cards for this class!

Indoor and Outdoor Expertise

Benefit from our instructors’ indoor and outdoor climbing expertise. Gain a well-rounded understanding of the sport, preparing you for various climbing environments.

Ready to ascend? Don’t miss out – reserve your spot today and embark on a climbing journey!

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