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Community Success Coordinator - HQ

We’re a rock climbing gym looking for a Community Success Coordinator to execute all things customer service at The Pad. What we really want are people who recognize that stepping into our communities has the power to change lives. You do not need to be peppy and upbeat 100% of the day, but you should exude a sense of warmth and be comfortable engaging diverse populations via digital communication from a remote workplace of your choosing. You will be responsible for learning and embracing our company culture and communicating that in person and through digital communication. You will be working in a team-centered, dynamic environment and working closely with the Director of Community Relations. 

Experience in climbing isn’t a requirement but it is a plus and most importantly, you need to have a strong desire to be part of The Pad community. It does not matter how hard you climb, but you should have enough experience to speak the lingo, and be able to remotely assist members with the basics. We will train you on anything you are not currently confident in. 

As a Community Success Coordinator, you need to be organized, consistent, attentive, and patient. We depend on you to communicate our culture and efficiently handle questions, inquiries, and issues as they arise. You also need to understand who to forward inquiries to if you are not the right person to respond and when to make the right call to escalate something. 

Our Mission:

To build immersive experiences, spaces, and opportunities through climbing, community, fitness, and love.

You will be responsible for:

  • Time Commitment
    • 5-10 hours weekly, potential for more
    • At least one hour daily 
    • One weekend day availability (either Sat or Sun)
  • Daily duties include
    • Responding to all emails and customer service requests within 24 hours
    • Processing member cancellations and suspension requests
    • Operate daily in our POS system, Approach, to ensure our members have a seamless experience in gym 
    • Checking the Meta inbox and responding to Customer Service related inquiries
    • Troubleshooting all membership and payment issues from the Approach portal 
    • Additional duties on a case by case basis
    • Auditing outdoor gear rentals and charging members for overdue rentals
    • Other projects as necessary
  • Virtually attending biweekly meetings with your supervisor and gym leadership as needed
  • Providing feedback to operations and program leaders to improve processes and bring new ideas to the table

You will be accountable for:

  • Ability to operate in an independent and remote environment and uphold trust to complete job duties with integrity
  • Attending meetings with supervisor and gym leadership
  • Clear and consistent communication
  • Quickly communicating when you need help or have questions
  • Asking questions and getting ahead of potentially difficult situations
  • Learning and utilizing all systems within the company including but not limited to Asana, Approach, G Suites,, Reputation and others as needed
  • Perform basic sales and computer software operations
  • Representing the community and making a genuine effort to create connections that support members, guests, and peers
  • Meeting the standards set by the company’s core competencies and actively work towards exceeding the standards
  • Communicating with your supervisor about desired schedule or time off
  • Properly clocking in and out using When I work
  • Checking and replying to all communications via Email and Asana each time you work
  • Completing initial training board via Asana within 30 days of hire

You will be consulted for:

  • Policy development
  • Leadership strategy
  • Staffing and community needs
  • Processes regarding to Customer Service that need updating

You will be informed about:

  • Policy and procedure updates
  • Expansion updates
  • Changes specific to the facility


  • Genuine interest in other people’s experiences
  • Exceptional organization, attention to detail, caring about the community, and ability to respond quickly and effectively
  • Confidence in standing up to strangers and those you care about when it comes to following rules and upholding the values of the company
  • Love of learning and a deep interest in improving things for those around them
  • Friendly, enthusiastic attitude, can exhibit warmth and empathy
  • Tech savvy enough to use and apply a wide variety of applications, including When I Work, Google Drive and the Google Suite, G-mail, Approach, and Asana
  • Actively seek new opportunities to improve self and the community at large
  • Uphold company values and use the mission statement to guide decisions
  • Must live in either California, Nevada or New York and have access to a reliable Internet connection, computer capable of virtual meetings.
  • Either Saturday or Sunday availability (not both) to complete base customer service duties
  • Codeword: Harness

Community Relations Department OKRs

  • Boost membership retention from cancellations and suspensions 
  • Grow Climb4Community membership base
  • Increase Community Partners Groups
  • Reduce contact via inquiries and email

What we have to offer:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Paid bi-monthly on the 15th and last day of the month
  • $15.50-$20/hour, assuming 5-10 hours per week to start – potential for more hours in a broader administrative assistant role, please indicate your interest during the application process
  • Accrued paid time off
  • Flexible hours that you control
  • Transfer and promotional opportunities
  • Gym membership for self plus immediate family
  • Retail and merchandise discounts

We are an equal opportunity employer that welcomes diverse voices and experiences aligned with the vision of our organization: Climbing. Community. Fitness. Love.

Don’t send that resume just yet!

We don’t want your resume, we don’t want your cover letter, and we don’t want phone calls and emails!

Why? We at the Pad feel that the employment process is broken and we want to address these issues and hopefully inspire others to, as well.

Why is it broken?

  • Applicants are judged on their ability to make a fancy-looking document
  • Applicants are judged on their writing ability when that may not be a requirement of their position
  • Applicants are unfairly judged based on their employment history, success in describing it, and even by their own name and location.
  • Applicants are encouraged to go above and beyond, reaching out to HR and supervisors, and writing long essays, all of which is an emotional drain on everyone
  • Salary, benefits, time expectations, and even physical ability requirements are either omitted or over-inflated.

Our process eliminates this and is designed to test applicants in as little time as possible to see if they will be a good fit. Through our process, we are able to:

  • Educate you about the organization you are applying for so you know if it is a good fit or not for you.
  • Check for the level of attention to detail we want to see prior to hiring.
  • Check for level of readiness for the position
  • Show us your personality
  • Take a minimum of time and energy for our HR team AND you

Please note – if you send resumes, cover letters, etc without being asked, we will NOT review them.

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