Let’s help send Dylan to Worlds!

Let's send Dylan to Worlds!

Parathlete, Cal Poly professor and SLO gym regular Dylan Retsek recently qualified at USA Climbing’s Paraclimbing Nationals to join the US National team and is heading to Worlds! You might have seen him and his son Coach Finn (when he was much younger) in some of our photos around the gym and on social media.

“When I first started to bring the kiddos to SLO-Op, I could never have imagined the impact our community would have on my family. Now Finn is climbing hard and coaching and I’ve got a whole new path on my own horizon. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

If you’ve got a few extra bucks, consider chipping in, as this isn’t a cheap endeavor, Salt Lake City, UT – Innsbruck, Austria – and Chamonix, France for Worlds are right around the corner!

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