Elevate Your Membership: Check out C4C’s Perks With a Purpose!

Climb4Community - Elevate your Membership

Paying more for a membership might have never crossed your mind before, because honestly, why would you choose to pay more for something? The Climb4Community membership might be the case where paying more for something ends up being so, so worth it.

So what is Climb4Community?


Climb4Community (C4C) is a program with three main goals:

  • Breaking down the financial barrier for climbers who wouldn’t normally be able to afford a monthly climbing gym membership
  • Offering group climbing sessions for local non-profits and groups that give back to the community. We offer these group sessions as a way to say thanks for all the amazing work they do.
  • Funding programs for accountable leadership and initiatives that directly give back to our community. Stuff like fundraising for our nonprofit partners and B corp certifications.

Why spend that extra dollar (or more if you can)?

Those goals we have can only be met if we’ve got help. What feels better than growing our community? If that’s not enough of a reason for you (it’s okay we get that), you also get some cool perks.

You get all the basic membership options, plus:

  • 15% off retail, groups, workshops/events, and classes
  • 15% off camps and youth programming
  • Any of your kids 7 and under are included in your membership
  • Free rentals harness + belay + chalk bag with chalk + lead ropes
  • Membership with other Pad locations and other Climb4Community affiliated gyms
  • An extra free buddy pass a month (bring two friends back instead of just one!)

Lock in your membership rate and save!

If you are paying into the fund, whether that’s an extra dollar on top of our base EFT rate, or $100 extra, you get that rate locked in if there’s ever a rate change. Rate changes are inevitable (thanks inflation), so prepare now and you don’t have to think about it later.

If you need to see just where your dollar is going, check out our Annual C4C 2023 report!

Sounds awesome, right? Let’s get you upgraded!

Whether you’re opting to pay a little more for your membership or need to pay a bit less, our friendly and inclusive customer service team will always keep your information confidential. And don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy access to all the fantastic perks. Applying is a breeze – why not upgrade to C4C today?


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