Safety: YOU are responsible

  • Climbing is risky. It’s important to use safety equipment correctly. If you don’t know how, take classes and get certified or don’t undertake the activity at all.
  • It’s your job to stay safe. We care about your safety, but you must be responsible. Running a 24/7 facility means that those using it understand that they are to maintain a safe space for themselves – and others – and make choices to affirm that at all times
  • Our rules are there to help, but they don’t teach you everything.
  • Paying attention is key to avoid mistakes. No ear buds, no intoxication.
  • Our classes and certifications don’t mean you’re good to go. You need to remain vigilant against mistakes. Most injuries occur due to inattention, not lack of skill.
  • Climbing is inherently dangerous. The higher off the ground you are, the more so. Lead climbing should be left to experts.

Learn to use our rescue system

Autobelays are dangerous because very smart people don’t always clip in correctly. Be prepared when it happens to or around you.

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