5 Reasons People Don’t Think Climbing is for Them (And Why They’re Wrong)

Climbing is a sport that many people think they can’t do. But the truth is, everyone can climb! In this blog post, we will be discussing 5 reasons why people don’t think climbing is for them and why those thoughts are wrong.

First reason: People believe they’re not in good enough shape.

Whether they’re overweight or just coming off the couch, people tend to think they can’t climb. But the truth is, climbing isn’t a sport that requires an immense amount of fitness or specific training under your belt to get started. This is a judgement free zone, we all started somewhere and it’s incredibly humbling no matter your skill level.

Second reason: Some feel like it’s just something kids do, not adults (usually due to lack of exposure).

True, it’s super fun and great for kids, but the true devotees of the sport are adults. Adults find rock climbing compelling because it’s a fun activity that challenges them physically and mentally.

Third reason: People say it’s too dangerous.

Climbing is certainly a risky sport, but indoor climbing is totally safe. Learn the ropes (literally) at an indoor climbing facility before you go outdoor rock-climbing, and make sure you’re with experienced climbers who can help teach you how to belay correctly, or take classes from us!

Fourth reason: People think it’s too expensive.

Climbing is actually pretty inexpensive for the amount of fun you get out of it, especially when compared with other sports! And if you’re willing to commit more than just an hour or two at a time, we’ve got deals on memberships and passes that can save you money. We have zero initiation fees and free gear rental – so no time like the present!

Fifth reason: Some may think they’re not flexible enough. 

True, there’s a lot of movement needed in climbing but most recent research shows that flexibility has very little to do with success in climbing. In fact, climbers don’t need much range of motion at all since we spend most our time hanging from jugs (a large hold).

In conclusion… If you haven’t tried out rock or bouldering before then I highly recommend going to an indoor climbing facility to try it out! You’ll be surprised by how much fun you have and the skills that you will learn.

So what are you waiting for? Come on by!

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