Scaling new heights: November’s Climbing Instruction Classes await!

Up your skills this month and learn with our pros at our Henderson, NV and San Luis Obispo gyms! Not sure if a particular class is right for you? We’ve got you! Fill out the Interest Form, and our team will match you up with the learning opportunity right for you and your skill level.

Intro to Climbing

This 1 hour class is for anyone wanting to learn the basics of climbing. We will cover climbing fundamentals, footwork, body position, strength conservation, and all the lingo needed to get started. With the perfect class sizes of 2-6, you can meet new climbers all while learning proper technique for safety and climbing. You will leave this class feeling comfortable and confident on the wall. This class includes a day pass, all the rental equipment, and one hour of instruction. 

Top Rope Class

In this hour and a half class, climbers will learn the basics to start their rope climbing journey! This clinic will provide a foundation for top rope fundamental. You will learn how to properly put on a harness, how to tie in as the climber, terminology, how to set up and use a belay device, and rope climbing safety. This is a great class for anyone new to rope climbing and includes a day pass as well as  rental gear. Small class sizes of 2-4 people allow for a lot of instructor feedback and an easy learning environment! 

Lead Class

This class is designed to open up new terrain in the gym and take your climbing to new heights. During this 2 day class, you are guaranteed an in-depth introduction to lead climbing at a comfortable learning pace. You will leave with confidence and a solid foundation for clipping, belaying, and taking lead falls. The class includes a day pass, rental equipment, and 5 hours of instruction.