Climbing changes your perspective in more ways than you’d imagine.


Kids who go through our programs gain:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Resilience and techiniques to work through failure and frustration
  • Adult mentors
  • Responsible focused peer relationships
  • And more

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The goal of our climbing camps is FUN!

Whether your kid is climbing for the first time, or has been exposed to climbing throughout their life, these camps are for them! Our kind and engaging counselors provide a safe environment for growing both physically and mentally.

Every day is packed full of topics such as climbing techniques, route setting, belaying, knot tying, yoga, and more. Of course, there’s all the good stuff of summer day camp, too: fun games, new friends, and developing a love for climbing.

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A man gripping two happy toddler climbers by their safety harnesses
caregiver supporting toddler on the climbing wall


Did you know children climb FREE if they’re under 3 and you’re a member?
Kids under 3 are also free with paid adult passes.

If your baby can sit up, he or she can do tons of cool things here! Our gyms’ locations have child friendly facilities. On those days when you’re looking for something different, we suggest you come in and try some of these activities!

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Our youth climbing teams are dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for athletes to thrive and kindle a passion for climbing.

Climbing is a lifelong sport that offers opportunities unique to other options for physical and mental growth. Our coaches committed to inspiring development of confidence, strength, kindness, and body awareness in a fun and challenging environment. Our programs are developed for all abilities, goals, and backgrounds. 

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