Woman in tank top and braid sits next to a man in a beard and a sweatshirt as they look at a climbing problem.

Rock Climbing Alone Is Intimidating: Here’s How Our Staff Will Help You

Going to a rock gym can be intimidating, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from coming in having fun. We work to provide a supportive environment for the aspiring rock climbers looking to join our community. We have staff members who are eager to get to know you, help find friends, and start preparing you for being an active part of the local climbing community!

When you first come in, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff chosen specifically because of their interest in including YOU. We want to get you on your way and integrated into our community!

We’ll help find friends for you; we know that sometimes it can be hard going out alone, and we’re here to make sure this is a great experience. Our staff will take the time with each new person who walks in the door so they feel like part of the community. If it’s busy, our staff can usually introduce you to someone fun to climb with and if not, well, those front deskies are instant friends, too!

We’ll help to prepare you for being an active part of the community. We want to be able give people a good foundation and knowledge base so they can become more than just customers – we want them to become Paddies! We do this by offering classes to get you up to speed on whatever you need, sending orientation emails that supplement what you’ll find on line or have been told at the front desk, and by having non elite events that are open to the public.

We want you to have fun! We love rock climbing and we can’t wait for you to come in, experience it, and see what you’ve been missing.

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