Fight Your Fear One Climb at a Time

There are many fears that we all experience in our lives, some more than others. Whether you fear heights or spiders, the feeling is understandable and natural. But what if I told you there was a way to overcome those fears? That’s exactly what The Pad Climbing has to offer!

Rock climbing is about taking a big thing and breaking it down into small things. Seeing the line of holds on the wall – the finish so very high – can be intimidating. How do you start? By deciding to.

When you first get on, you might be afraid of what people around you are thinking. You might be embarrassed to be so new at it – or to not look like the ideal climber. You might be afraid that you won’t make it to the top, or even how you will get down.

Secret: nobody cares. The best thing about climbing is that it’s you against the wall, and if you’re roped you’ve got someone closely watching to make sure they catch you, but that’s it. We all have troubles on problems and routes that should be easy for us – the very nature of it makes even the best people struggle.

If anything, if someone’s watching you, they’re eagerly hoping you figure it out or looking for a way to help you — if you ask for advice.

But what about when you do reach the top? Then those people you were worried about? They are cheering for you! There’s literally nowhere else you can go where people will just start cheering your attempts and successes than a climbing gym.

By merely deciding to get on the wall despite your fears, you have learned to move through them. And each time you do – and succeed – the more those fears will fade.

As you progress up the wall, you may fall – and find it’s not so bad! A fall is just a chance to try again. If you’ve climbed for long, you know that falling – sometimes many times in one climb! – is part of the process.

What about when it’s time to go down? You might think this will be scary too, but by now your fears are fading fast and there won’t be room for them. Besides, you know if you can get up on the wall, getting down is easy!

And, as your fear fades with every climb, so too does that mental block on achieving greatness in other areas of life: by deciding to go for it and trying instead of staying behind or giving up halfway through. It is all about breaking down those big things into small things!

A climbing experience can help you learn to overcome fear in a safe and supportive environment. Rock climbing builds mental strength and confidence – skills that will help in all areas of your life. It helps to break big things into small pieces so they are not overwhelming or intimidating anymore. That’s why rock climbing is a perfect mental challenge for anyone – and it’s never too late to begin.

Get here today!

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