caregiver supporting toddler on the climbing wall

Climbing and exploring with your toddler: Tips and tricks

Climbing and exploring with your toddler can be a fun activity for both of you. It’s a great way to connect, while also giving the child a chance to exercise their physical skills. You’ll both make important discoveries about what works to get to the top, how your child explores, and how gravity works- understanding that things fall down when they’re not being held up by something else.

For their safety, please remember to keep your children out of the way of other people using the gym.

Find our youth wall and allow your child to explore the different colors and shapes there. Your little may not be inspired to climb, but if he or she is:

  • Do not force movements. You can help keep a foot in place, but ensure your baby is self sufficient and learns the consequences for letting go or not placing hands and feet correctly. Our surfaces are safe to fall on . . .
  • If you child DOES fall, cheer! Fall yourself! Make it fun!
  • You can encourage your child by saying what you see: good foot placement, okay time to high step! Look at your feet! Look for a hand!
  • It is best not to vaguely praise, just tell them what makes you happy and what they are doing that is awesome.
  • Explore our foam play area. Encourage exploration of the different flooring surfaces, workout equipment, etc.
  • Have your child climb up and jump off into your arms. Shout “trust fall!” Make it a new game!
  • Look for places to practice balancing – including our slacklines!
  • Play with our rings, exercise balls, and ropes – learn to swing!

The goal is for your child to enjoy themselves while exploring their climbing skills- not to feel pressure from being “too good” at this activity. Developing your child’s physicality not only helps them today, it helps them for a lifetime. Physical excellence has been linked higher thinking abilities!

It is important to keep your child’s safety in mind when climbing and exploring with them at a playground. It can be an educational experience, but it should also be fun and safe for all involved! Be sure to supervise children while they play on the equipment or explore the area so that no one gets hurt. Our staff is always available if you have any questions about our facility or how we operate – just ask!

Did you know we have a caregiver participation program that supports your child learning risk taking and you coaching? Check it out!

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