We are on native land. Free day pass for carriers of tribal ID. The Pad Climbing

Have a Tribal ID? Come climb for free!

Did you know that we’re all on native land? You can enter your address on this map and find out what Indigenous territory you’re occupying and learn more about the history and legacy of the original humans who have lived in the place that you call home from the beginning of time.

We respect the native people of our community – people who are still very much here as our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates – as they deserve respect, acknowledgment, and reconciliation.

Have a Tribal ID? Bring it to the front desk at either of our locations and receive a FREE day pass! Climbing does have an impact on native lands, and this is our small way of lending our support and acknowledgement to the ancestral territory of California and Nevada that we get to enjoy every day.

Want to help support #ThePadFam’s efforts further? We have Native Land apparel available in the pro shop. All sales proceeds benefits the Association of American Indian Affairs.


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