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Meet the Taylors: a Climb4Community Story

Pamela and Ethan Taylor recently signed up for a Climb4Community membership for themselves and their three adopted daughters. This is their story. Want to share your own Climb4Community story? We want to hear from you.

Pamela and Ethan met when they were 16 years old at church in Henderson, NV. They immediately bonded, and were married at the young age of 19.

In 2020, Pamela’s step-mother became extremely ill and passed away from complications of Lupus, leaving behind three young daughters. Unfortunately, Pamela’s father was unable to take care of her three half-sisters, so Pamela and Ethan stepped in and decided to adopt the girls. Even as young newlyweds, Pamela and Ethan were determined to give these girls a happy home together instead of moving into the foster care system.

Can you imagine being 22 years old in the beginning of a global pandemic and ALSO adopting a whole family of children between the ages of 3 and 12? Wow!

Not only have Pamela and Ethan been taking care of their new family, they continue to be active volunteers with their church AND just had a baby of their own!

Both Pamela and Ethan work full time to make ends meet, and we are so excited to be able to provide a discounted membership for their family to enjoy the climbing gym together.

This family, and countless others like them, is why this program exists. Our members like the Taylors are the heartbeat of #ThePadFam. For just a few dollars extra a month (seriously, even $5), you can help provide an opportunity for another member of your community.

It’s more than just a gym membership. It is staying active, healthy, and spending time together with the entire family. Let’s do this, together!

What exactly is a Climb4Community membership?

Climb 4 Community (C4C) is a Paddie take on a new national program aimed at providing access to climbing for all while encouraging community investment.

It has always been our commitment to bring as many people into the community as possible, even as our costs increased.

We did it through community partners, student/youth memberships, and volunteer and affinity programs: And now C4C will take their place.

The idea?

Members who are able to pay more than basic membership rates choose their own monthly membership price, and those who need to pay less can also set their price.

There are no qualifying conditions for paying less or more** – and the people that handle the applications have been selected for their ability to keep it inclusive, kind, and anonymous (unless you want to share, like the Taylor family).

** If under $40, individual needs to show evidence as supporting the community as well – this could be acting as a caregiver for a relative, volunteering, etc.

OK, that sounds great! What's in it for me?

C4C is for anyone and everyone, even if you need to pay just a little less or if you can afford just a few dollars more.

Paying more into C4C secures OUR ability to continue providing memberships for those who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to be part of the gym community and gives you the ability to know that you’re directly giving back to something that you believe in. 

C4C is an autodraw membership just like our base EFT membership, and it comes with SO many benefits!

Give a little, get MORE, ELEVATE your membership. Regular EFT Membership features: 24/7 members-only access, member morning rope climbing, new member meetups, free shoe rental, first time passes, and free monthly buddy pass. Climb 4 Community membership features: all features of regular EFT membership, free suspensions, 15% off retail, classes, camp, kids 7 & under free, free rentals (harness, belay, chalk), choose your own rate and membership at other c4c gyms

When you compare the benefits between a regular membership versus Climb4Community, the choice is clear and it can pay for itself relatively quickly. Add on a few bucks a month and get so much more: free suspensions, 15% off retail/camps/classes, kids under 7 free, free rentals (this is a huge savings), and an extra buddy pass. 

Oh, and best of all: you get the warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart that the Taylor family and so many more like them will get to be a part of #ThePadFam and experience this dynamic community of climbing, fitness, and LOVE.

I want to elevate my membership and support my community!

Awesome! Click here to complete the membership application. We use the same form if you’re able to pay a bit more, or if you need to pay a bit less.

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