Tweak your ankle?

Finger pulley giving you problems?

Want to get that extra bit of stability and flexibility?

Our in-house physical therapists get YOUR needs.

With our help from our PTs you’ll be able to reach your goals, climbing related or not!

An instructor and a young lady undergoing the pad physical therapy


A man in the mountains giving the thumbs up sign with his two thumbs

Onsight Movement
The Pad Henderson

Dr. Aaron Simon is a Las Vegas native and an all-start athlete. He graduated with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and has spent the past year treating patients with a variety of neurological and orthopedic conditions. He also practices in a local rehab hospital, helping patients regain functional mobility and independence after they have experienced significant medical problems.

Aaron loves to see others succeed and enjoys sharing his passion for movement, health, and adventure with those around him.

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