caregiver supporting toddler on the climbing wall

Climbing and exploring with your toddler: Tips and tricks

Climbing and exploring with your toddler can be a fun activity for both of you. It’s a great way to connect, while also giving the child a chance to exercise their physical skills. You’ll both make important discoveries about what works to get to the top, how your child explores,

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Fight Your Fear One Climb at a Time

There are many fears that we all experience in our lives, some more than others. Whether you fear heights or spiders, the feeling is understandable and natural. But what if I told you there was a way to overcome those fears? That’s exactly what The Pad Climbing has to offer!

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Person elevated by a seat made to help them scale a wall with their arms only.

Rock Climbing for the Disabled and Neurodivergent

Climbing is a sport that anyone, regardless of disability status, can enjoy. There are many ways to adapt the experience so that it fits your needs. This post will discuss some of the most common adaptations for climbing – from wheelchair ramps and adaptive equipment to sensory sensitivity! Those on

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Three women wear HELPSLO masks

The Pad Climbing fills SLO County Little Free Pantries

On Sunday, September 26th, community members and supporters of community organization HelpSLO gathered at the The Pad Climbing for a fundraiser to fill SLO County Little Free Pantries. The community day met its goal, raising $2,000 total. Attendance soared on Sunday, September 26th, with supporters of HelpSLO’s Little Free Pantry

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Tips for Larger Climbers

Let’s get real. It can be pretty intimidating to walk into any setting where there are people who are tight bodied and train hard. You feel judged. You judge yourself. You feel guilty. You feel watched. We get you. We strive to be the most inclusive community you will ever

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